Heavy Equipment Rental Terms & Conditions

Heavy Equipment Rental Terms & Conditions:

  • Rates do not include any sales, use or property taxes.
  • Rental begins when machine leaves North Central Rental & Leasing yard and ends when it returns.
  • Rental rates are based upon electric hour meter usage.
  • Premium rental rates may apply due to excessive wear in abnormal applications (rock).
  • Rental rates subject to change without notice.
  • Machines subject to availability.
  • 4-week rates based upon 160 hours, weekly rates 40 hours and daily rates 8 hours.


  • Rental machines are F.O.B. machine’s location.
  • Delivery arrangements are available from 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 Transport Division.
  • Return to nearest Butler facility.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Provide all wearable supplies including ground-engaging tools (i.e. cutting edges, ripper tips, etc.)
  • Fuel, operators, engine and cab air filters, fuel filters and grease
  • Maintain machine daily service points as specified in lube and maintenance manual.
  • Provide adequate insurance.
  • Repair or replace any damage to machine over $1000 including broken glass.
  • Compensate North Central for abnormal wear of tires, including cuts and abrasions.
  • Accept all liability for any injury or loss.
  • Make rental payments in advance, unless given prior approval by North Central Rental & Leasing.
  • Assembly and disassembly costs associated with transport of machine.
  • Cleanup charges for excessively dirty machines.

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