Fully Maintained Rental Contracts

Full Service Rental Contracts from North Central Rental & Leasing

Whether you need your rental for a day, a week or a month, North Central Rental & Leasing can provide the equipment you want with attractive terms that meet your budget. We offer a large selection of heavy and ag equipment, and work tools for operators in the construction, mining, agriculture and many other industries.

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Power by the Hour Fully Maintained Rental Contracts

North Central Rental & Leasing has extensive experience in providing customers a total ˜Turn Key™ machine rental option. This fully maintained rental service not only includes late-model and work ready Cat machines, it also provides:

  • On-site factory-trained service technicians
  • Lube and maintenance trucks with specialized tooling
  • Parts and service trailers stocked with maintenance items
  • On-site hydraulic hose making equipment
  • Operator training to maximize production
  • Machine up-time guarantee

The only variable costs to the customer are operator expenses and fuel. Maintenance can be scheduled to meet the customer’s needs to ensure maximum production. The ability to stock the necessary parts and have a hydraulic hose press on-site cut unnecessary downtime to a minimum. Our fully maintained rental contracts can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

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