Butler Commitment

The Butler Construction Commitment

1. EM Services™: Equipment Management Services*

» Provides tools to effectively schedule and perform your own maintenance, or leverage our experts to do the work for you to reduce downtime, overall service costs and owning and operating costs

» Complimentary Cat Daily subscription gives you access to your machine’s electronic data (7 years BCP/12 years GCI)

» Complimentary monthly Inform Report to aid you in leveraging your equipment’s electronic information

» Access to state-of-the-art S•O•STM Fluid Analysis at Butler

» Allows 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 to handle all your service and maintenance needs for you through a highly customizable Equipment Management Agreement, or provides you the elements to implement on your own

2. Operator Training and Equipment Walk-Around

» At time of delivery upon your request, a Butler team member will conduct a thorough machine operation overview and work with the operator to safely and properly operate the machine

3. S•O•S Fluid Analysis: All Labs Are Not the Same

» Your first sample is on us

» Average turnaround time is 24 hours – the best in the industry

» Accuracy: Butler’s in-house lab results are verified quarterly by Caterpillar so you know you are always receiving the most accurate information

» Personal Attention: Our in-house lab technicians interpret data based on the specific machine and industry conditions to determine your machine’s health

4. Easy Access to the Parts You Need

» Complimentary access to online parts books and ability to order parts online at Parts.Cat.Com

5. Online Resources and Tools

» Complimentary access to Safety.Cat.Com where you can access monthly webinars, virtual walk-arounds and toolbox talks

6. Loaner Included to Keep You Up and Running**

» 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 is committed to meeting your operational needs while your machine’s warrantable repairs are being performed

7. Complimentary Inspection at 250 Hours

» Butler works with you to schedule a full health inspection on qualifying machines, including S•O•S sampling and comprehensive filter inspection

8. Standard Factory Warranty

» One year, unlimited hours warranty

» No charge for travel time on warrantable repair items during basic factory warranty period on qualifying machines

9. Full Range Equipment Protection Plan***

» 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 offers multiple warranty options, up to 7 year/10,000 hours, that we can tailor to you based on your use and trade cycles

10. Equipment Support to Keep You Up and Running

» Product support available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week and 365-days-a-year

* Available only on select factory standard models
** Butler will go above and beyond to try locate a loaner for you, so you can keep your operation running while your machine’s warrantable repairs are being performed
*** Available on select machines
Other restrictions apply; please contact your nearest 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 Company location for details