ThinkBIG Program – Cat Dealer Technician Training

ThinkBIG and get started with your career in two years.

If you have a great attitude, strong work ethic and basic mechanical skills, you can begin your education and training to become a Caterpillar Technician through ThinkBIG. ThinkBIG, Caterpillar’s Dealer Technician Education Program, is designed to develop entry-level diesel service technicians for Caterpillar dealerships like 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 Company in North and South Dakota. Caterpillar Inc. and 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 have partnered with North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) in Wahpeton, ND, and Lake Area Technical Institute (LATI) in Watertown, SD to offer ThinkBIG students the best combined classroom education and hands-on learning to prepare them for a lucrative and life-long career in the skilled trades.

Hear more about the ThinkBIG program from the 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 team.

Half-time on campus, the other half as paid on-the-job training at Butler. 

ThinkBIG students receive up-to-date technical training on Cat equipment and systems through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory learning and a paid internship at a 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 dealership location to further the learning from the classroom and lab. Upon completion of the ThinkBIG program, graduates earn an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Diesel Technology, and an official Caterpillar endorsement. Graduates will have the opportunity for full-time employment with a 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 dealership location, and great potential for career advancement within the company.

Nine total terms in two years and over $18 per hour paid internship.

The ThinkBIG program is divided into nine terms. Terms will rotate between classroom/lab instruction at either North Dakota State College of Science or Lake Area Technical Institute, and a paid internship at a 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码 Company location. During the paid internship, students will earn over $18 per hour, with a mandatory minimum of 1,280 total internship hours spent learning and working in the dealership.

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Then choose if NDSCS or LATI is best for you and complete their application form, too.

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Due to high demand, not all applicants can be selected for the ThinkBIG program. Students not selected are encouraged to still enroll in a General Diesel Program and pursue a career with 黄色大电影,亚洲AV片不卡无码.